We fight against malaria to make the world a better place for the poorest

That is why we provide life-saving medicines and bed nets against malaria for all children everywhere in Africa. We distribute the protective mosquito nets, provide diagnostics, knowledge, education and we set up emergency centers. Because it is desperately needed!

Every year 216,000,000 people become seriously ill due to the dreaded disease and every two minutes a child under the age of 5 die. In the poorest areas of Africa, more than 65% of children are often infected. There are medicines to heal the children, but these lifesaving medicines are missing in the remote areas.

Growing up healthy without malaria is so important for the development and future of a child. Children who suffer from malaria at a young age can have permanent brain damage.

Surrounded by new, small graves

In Africa, we mainly support the poorest sections of the population who have to survive in the most remote areas. The vast majority do not have any access to basic health care and live in miserable conditions. The most distressing malaria situations occur in risk areas where families on average lose more than three children due to malaria. We help these families! And provide protective mosquito nets, malaria treatment and medication. This allows us to prevent unnecessary deaths.


Train local people

We provide training and education for local people through which they can work as health workers. As a result, they themselves are able to help their own vulnerable population. We continue to provide the most essential means to combat malaria and improve health. For example, DAM works with support teams that consist of local care providers. This not only promotes health, but also self-esteem.


Quick and efficient

We work quickly and efficiently. DAM teams test the entire population of the villages and in the event of a positive result, patients are immediately treated with the most effective medication. We distribute thousands of protective mosquito nets every year. Together with the local population, we check whether these are used correctly. In addition to malaria, DAM also focuses on tropical diseases that pose a threat to children's health. Such as worm infections, typhoid fever, meningitis and lymphatic filariasis.

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