Zimbabwe - Thousands of Children's Lives in Danger

There is a major health crisis in Zimbabwe. The situation is heartbreaking. Emergency posts are closed and no medication has been available for months. Healthcare is completely paralyzed and there is a major drought and food shortage.

Mothers and their sick children are sitting on the ground waiting around the aid stations, hoping for help. Two women report that three children who suffered from malaria had died of heart and kidney failure the previous day. "They could not be admitted and therefore they could not be cared for. If there had been medication, the children would still have been alive ," one of them said about this terrible loss.

Her companion told us that she had lost three family members. "Saving lives must be the priority. There are so many funerals in our neighborhood now. It is always the same story: 'They were sick and then they died.' It is devastating,"she says. There are no official figures about how many have lost their lives. But the anecdotes give a dramatic picture in the crisis that Zimbabwe is facing with healthcare.

A pregnant young woman infected with malaria said she could no longer feel her baby move. She stood in front of a closed door of a hospital in her village. Now she tried her luck at the Drive Against Malaria aid station, the last hope for her and her baby. Thousands of children in Zimbabwe are in danger and the support Drive Against Malaria gives to the population has a huge impact. With your support we can change their lives. Support us!

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