Fake drugs threaten children's lives

AFRICA │ It was almost fatal for her: Ettah is the mother of a daughter less than a year old. The nurse wrote a malaria treatment for her child, but the medicines cost way too much for Ettah.

For her, the only hope was to buy cheap drugs from an unqualified market vendor. But Ettah didn't know the funds were fake. "" The nurse's medication at the emergency center was too expensive. I could only buy market medicines because they are cheaper. "" Ettah says. Within a few days, her daughter became even more ill due to the pills that would cure her daughter. Ettah brought her sick child to the Drive Against Malaria post where we were able to save her in the nick of time. Now she is happy again. Tens of thousands of children in Africa die each year as a result of fake and counterfeit preparations. «

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