Revisiting Kyade in the DRC

"As soon as our mosquito nets and medicines reach the aid station, there is a large line of mothers with children in their arms the next day," says Julia Samuel.

In Kyade of the Congo DRC infant and child mortality as a result of the feared malaria disease is extremely high. There are almost no medical resources available.

David Robertson visited the aid posts earlier in 2016 during the 'Congo Kalahari Expedition' and since then we have supported the centers and delivered more than 8,500 treatments and protective mosquito nets. We make necessary medicines available to everyone who needs it, regardless of the financial inability of the residents. That is why we are committed to getting the resources to the right place.

The healing power of the medicines is clear and this medication must be accessible to everyone free of charge. In Kyade we make a big difference for the very poorest. «

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