Mucubal gets help from Drive Against Malaria

In remote areas along the slopes of the Serra da Chela, DAM provides protection to one of the most special people, the Mucubal tribes. Angola is the home of these special people.

More than 100 kilometers north of the border with Namibia we catch the first glimpse of the special Mucubal tribe with their unusual lives and traditions. Even after the civil war that ended more than 15 years ago, little is known about them. But in Chibia on the central plain of Lubango we meet the tribe in large numbers.

One of the most feared diseases of the Mucubal is malaria and costs many children's lives. Drive Against Malaria is one of the few humanitarian organizations that fight malaria in this impassable area. Access to protective mosquito nets and medicines for the entire strain is at the heart of a healthy population. With the help, DAM ensures a lasting malaria-free result.

The population loses at least 1 child per family. This is an alarming conclusion. Relieving the suffering of people affected by malaria is a necessity here. The Mucubal are very grateful for the help. We reached 1,964 people during this mission.

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