Land Rover Netherlands donates € 50,000 for relief missions!

Land Rover Netherlands makes 50,000 euros available for the aid missions of Drive Against Malaria in Africa. This means that thousands of children can be reached in remote areas, so that their lives and the future are no longer endangered. This great gift is their most important lifeline.

With the support of Land Rover Netherlands, Drive Against Malaria helps set up treatment centers and distribute protective bed nets. The donation also goes to supplying medicines for local aid stations where medicines are missing. This allows us to intensively improve treatments for sick children. This has a huge positive impact on the health of the residents. Subsequently, the support is used for mobile labs where the parasite can be traced and local health workers receive training.

"We are extremely grateful for this donation! Land Rover The Netherlands has made a tremendous contribution to the fight against malaria since 2005, saving thousands of children's lives. Moreover, we reached dozens of regions where malaria is now no longer a threat and where living conditions have improved enormously."

In 2005, 1,040,000 children under the age of 5 died of the disease every year. This number has since been considerably reduced. Today, more than 260,000 children under the age of 5 die of malaria each year. This is a significant positive success. That does not mean that we can now sit back. Because malaria is still the world's biggest child threat. We must continue to fight for the families who desperately need our help. Land Rover Netherlands helps us with this! «

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