Julia Samuel - 20 YEARS for DAM

In her mission to focus more on the worrying humanitarian situation in Africa, Julia Samuel has been DAM's Goodwill Ambassador for 20 years since 1999 and is intensively involved in DAM's missions in Africa on a daily basis.

Julia Samuel traveled to Africa in November 1999 to meet the David Robertson of Drive Against Malaria.Through her travels and interviews with Robertson for the TV series 'Crossing Africa' and 'Challenge Africa', her documentary reports on the human impact of thousands of families affected by malaria. The TV series - broadcast in the Netherlands and Great Britain - offer an intense report of David Robertson's company by the African countries Mauritania, Senegal, Ghana, Mali and Cameroon.

These missions lead Julia through unsafe conflict countries, where the population is threatened and their homes are burned down. These sobering experiences also became her life mission as she constantly met families and their children who suffer from the disease. "The lives of thousands of children are in danger. Especially in the most isolated areas that we could reach with our Land Rovers, there was no one who reached out. That not only touched me deeply, but also made me think, "" Samuel says.

Julia - an award-winning film producer - became DAM's Goodwill Ambassador and helped raise funds in the Netherlands to provide additional support to Drive Against Malaria's auxiliary activities, and subsequently to travel back to Africa. In 2007 she was appointed by the United Nations as a Malaria Consultant. Subsequently she followed the 'Study Master of Biomedical Science Infectious and Tropical Diseases'.

''What is shocking is that every individual person I meet tells me that their family has been affected by malaria. Families who lost four to five children to the disease." During her time in Africa, she continues to make personal notes and notes. After being affected by cancer and malaria, Julia published her personal diary 'Nobody Know Where I Am' in 2009 about her experiences, the distressing situation of malaria victims in Africa and the dire situations in which their own lives were threatened.

In recent years, Julia, along with David Robertson and DAM's local teams, have taken the life-saving work of DAM across the countries of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Angola, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, reaching 500 to 1,800 sick children daily. «

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