Day 1 - Landing in Cameroon

David’s friend Emmanuel was our driver for the day. We needed to change money, get Cameroon SIM cards and drive from Douala to Idenau on the coast to get David’s Land Rover. I started rolling Video right away. He found familiar friendly faces to change our money but we were not so lucky with the phone cards. Too many unfriendly guys surrounded the car so we moved on.

We were stopped before we got out of Douala by a shifty looking safety crew who managed to shake us down for $40. David only paid up the made-up fine because it was Emmanuel’s car and license, but David insists he wouldn’t have stopped if it were his own car. Scams like this are quite common. We got the phone cards along the way in Limbe, but cell service has been difficult so far with very few texts going through.

We found the Land Rover with flat tires, however a friend was able to provide a quick unconventional fix. He only had his scuba tank equipment to help us with, but was able to change the fittings on the tank in minutes for use on the tire valve. So different here, but already it’s an adventure plus!

We then went into the fishing village of Idenau, and had some excellent fish. After our meal, we headed back to Limbe because there is no electric until after 5. We have arrived on the coast now and there is a great breeze off the water. It’s 7:30 pm and now the lights just went out in the town of Limbe! I’d say I have already gotten lots of interesting video on the first day!

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