DAM brings 9,361 people to safety

Drive Against Malaria has brought 9,361 people from six villages in Cameroon to malaria safety! Together with the local population, DAM distributed insecticide-treated mosquito nets for the families. This is a considerable undertaking, especially in the villages where infrastructure is lacking.

"In recent years we have seen fantastic examples in Cameroon where DAM's net distribution missions have ensured elimination of the disease," emphasizes David Robertson on combining the distribution of mosquito nets, medicines, diagnosis, and improved education. The reduction of poverty then follows closely, another goal of this mission.

1,800 bed nets were distributed in the villages of Bota, Nymong, Kelle, Konbeng, Medoumba and Motamb supported by continuous education for people to use them every night. "In these villages, too, we want to ensure a significant reduction in malaria. With joint efforts, we hope that more lives will be saved and the quality of the health status will change for the better" says Julia Samuel.

The nets were distributed by enthusiastic teams and community volunteers. From villages to extremely remote settlements, the purpose of the mission is to ensure that every family receives a treated net. Local radio stations, posters and town cryers were used to transmit the messages. The mission was carried out simultaneously with campaigns for all residents where teams offered extra help with malaria treatments, medicines and deworming tablets.

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