Clean water for more than 6,000 people

Clean water is of vital importance, especially after the Cyclone Idai hit three countries in southern Africa. Water purification is essential to prevent the spread of cholera and other diseases, and DAM distributed Life Straws to people in Mozambique and Malawi.

Residents of the flood stricken area can hardly believe that they can drink purified water everywhere using a simple device such as the Life Straw. In the beginning, people were still uncertain and reserved, but once one tries it out, others follow.

In April this year, DAM handed out 1,577 LifeStraws. As a follow-up, DAM has reached another 2,214 people who use their personal LifeStraw. And parents who have received the device share the water purification system with their young children.

We now see in the field that 6,642 people are guaranteed pure drinking water. That is an encouraging result! «

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