Apple Supports Drive Against Malaria Projects

Sponsor support creates a growing hope for local people to find the path to health education

This generous gift from Apple U.K. opens the educational doors for thousands of local people. The company sponsors the training for 2,500 people who pursue their dreams in DAM's 183 hard-to-reach malaria projects. It allows them to function as health professionals in their own community.

Martin Lashinsky from Apple U.K. emphasizes, "We are impressed by DAM's results and therefore we are supporting for the third year now. We make our products that are tools for people to enable them to do, create, learn or teach." We know that's what Drive Against Malaria is doing in Africa - an additional attractive element for Apple is the organizational efficiency of DAM's "Education & Training Projects."

A third reason is the low overhead and the fact that every pound given Drive Against Malaria Foundation goes directly to the projects, "explains Apple'a Martin Lashinsky. He continues, "We will always try to change the world for the better. That was the motivation behind making Apple when it was created in the 70s. And it is still the motivation today. That is what drives us. We want to do what is right, not what is easy. Because much of what we do is not easy, we endure many trials along the way, but we always try to do what is right. We share that vision and passion with DAM."

"Apple's top priorities include renewable energy, education, and healthcare." "Health education in extremely remote locations is no easy matter. That is guts. The way DAM does it, with a lot of attention for traditional needs and local concerns, I think it's really ideal for people in these African communities. It's DAM's method and dedication to really pay attention to every individual that makes us so special."

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