57 villages in central Cameroon are malaria free!

57 villages in the central region of Cameroon where DAM found the most deadly form of the disease are now free of malaria! This is the third region in Cameroon where DAM is stopping one of the world's most fatal diseases.

At the start of the mission there was a huge malaria epidemic in the Bikok - Nkongndougou region with 800 deaths recorded and more than 6,045 cases traced. Local residents tried to combat the malaria epidemic at that time, but they did not have the first-line RDT diagnostics for multiple malaria, the ACT malaria combination therapy, or mosquito-killing bed nets with a long lasting effect of at least four years. Nor the ability to go to the households in the villages in remote areas - the poor infrastructure made it very hard to reach the thousands of people affected.

So it was DAM and our local teams who in the first action from house to house explain the process of control and the treatment method and how they can protect themselves. We prescribed what they should do with the tools supplied by DAM. The months after the introduction of the necessary and essential malaria interventions, the residents were in long queues in front of the emergency posts to receive the first treatment and medication.

The treatment procedures were maintained under careful control and monitoring. In addition, awareness, information, and training of treatment staff was provided. Now that the population has followed the control protocols and has access to the necessary resources, the entire region is free of malaria! This is another great milestone. «

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