Medicines must be free for the poorest

Medicines must be free for the poorest families in Africa! We provide free malaria therapies for people who have to live in extremely poor situations. This way we prevent the absence of life-saving medicines and prevent postponement of treatment and healing.

DAM is working hard to continue this way of working. We have witnessed deadly victims for more than thirty years due to the lack of medicines for malaria. With our teams we move from village to village to ensure that as many families as possible benefit from our medicines.

We will pass on the impact of our approach by completely removing the price barriers to the local aid stations that are supported and set up by Drive Against Malaria. We always do this in collaboration with the local population in the villages. With these aid stations we reach considerably more people for treatment. We ensure that high-quality medicines are consistently available so that they are in stock when needed, close to where they are needed, and the costs are no longer an obstacle for patients. «

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