The Orphans of Africa


All children have the right to health care and happiness. More than 450,000 children in Cameroon have lost their parents due to illness and violence. When children lose their parents, they are taken under protection by the immediate family. But things are different in Africa. We help these parentless children, who otherwise have to live on the street.

When children lose their parents, they are often taken in by the - often poor - family members. But with every economic setback of the family, the orphans are the first on the sidelines. The child is again left to fate and has very little hope for the future. View of a new life is always cruelly disturbed. In the past 25 years we have been able to give 32,778 children a second chance.

Hompa Childrens Home - NAMIBIA »A special orphanage for children and teenagers where they can live happily and receive education. Drive Against Malaria supports this initiative in the Kavango Community. Something good is happening here, because nobody will derive profit from the income, which is in line with our philosophy, because all income streams are used 100% for the well-being of the children.


New Destiny Foundation - ZAMBIA »In one of the most remote areas of West Zambia there is a peaceful home for orphans. Especially children who have a lot to process live here. We see it as our mission to support the lives of neglected children. We have been working with Destiny for a few years now and see a hopeful positive impact for the child.


Aduna Children Center - ZAMBIA »the shelter is in the middle of a region where there is a lot of malaria, cholera and thyphoid. Children who have been abandoned by the parents run a constant risk of parasitic and bacterial infections, making them an easy target in the growing up period. We provide, among other things, the essential children's vaccinations and protective mosquito nets for the little ones.


Olhos d'Agua - ANGOLA »The Olhos house is also so remote, which means that aid from international aid organizations completely misses them. While the most vulnerable children need the help enormously. Many parents - who mostly worked in the field - were killed by landmines. These are shocking experiences for their children. This draws our attention to the sad fate of many Angolan children.


Destitute Childrens Home - CAMEROON »Harrowing poverty and low wages stand in the way of the care provided by the family of parentless children. There is simply no money for care. When they get malaria the disaster cannot be foreseen. Nurse Veronica tells about the youngest orphan. ”Gift's mother died of malaria. The family had her brought in because her health was in danger."


Rhema Grace Orphanage - CAMEROON »Orphans are completely left to themselves and live on the street. Survival brings a lot of tension and fear with it. Strained children grow slower than normal and can stay smaller than healthy children. We ensure that these children are housed in orphanages where they receive a lot of love and adequate healthcare.


Laura May Orphanage - CAMEROON »In Lumpsum the children are surrounded with a lot of attention and security. A school is also linked to the orphanage where the children from the surrounding area are taught. These children come from very poor families whose parents cannot pay the regular school fees. We ensure that the children are protected against malaria and stay healthy.

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