2015 - 2020 Policy & Plans

This is the policy plan of the Drive Against Malaria Foundation 2015 - 2020. A strategic plan that gives you a clear insight into our vision, mission, ambitions and projects in Africa. A plan that is also a useful working tool for organizations that fight against malaria in Africa. The strategic and operational objectives have been extensively described, in which the various projects, determined from the needs in Africa, are highlighted. This plan also shows our flexibility. This allows Drive Against Malaria to respond immediately to unexpected malaria epidemics and direct relief actions in Africa. Flexibility is very important to us because we always want to prioritize humanitarian priorities in emergency areas. This saves us many lives. Even though it is not always easy to make choices in the fight against malaria and the many miserable situations in Africa. 

The Drive Against Malaria Foundation provides population groups that have little or no financial resources to pay for healthcare. Children in particular cannot be the victims of this.
In this plan we indicate what Drive Against Malaria stands for, what we want to achieve and how we are going there. We give you a clear picture of the way in which our organization operates with the most important spearheads. In the policy plan we also profile the strategic operational malaria projects in Africa. Finally, we explain how the projects are funded and what resources are used for this. This policy plan is not only the result of preliminary research, but certainly also the result of years of experience - since 1988 - in combating malaria in more than 34 African countries. The strategy brings us to accomplish a mission that we believe in together; reducing unnecessary child mortality in Africa and striving for an improved life for the poorest sections of the population in African countries, so that malaria no longer has a chance.

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