DAM's Zero Overhead policy

Since its foundation in 1988, our organization has pursued the 'Zero Overhead' policy. Drive Against Malaria is a Foundation, carries the ANBI label, is an aid organization and a Volunteer Organization. This means that the DAM does not grant any remuneration, so that received funds are fully spent on the goal, without salaries, bonuses and over-priced offices. Drive Against Malaria has followed this policy for more than 30 years.

Zero Salaries
Paying salaries and bonuses is at the expense of many lives and people who really need the help. This has been our philosophy for more than 30 years! We owe it to the children, mothers and fathers of Africa to devote all financial support to improving the living situation of the poorest in isolated areas.

Driven by experiences in the field

Drive Against Malaria has a close relationship with isolated populations in Africa. The founders David Robertson and Julia Samuël, together with our local teams, see daily the tragedies in which vulnerable children die unnecessarily. Drive Against Malaria is driven by people with experience, confrontation with reality, pure passion, assisted by dedicated people and the Dutch and Belgian business community. With support, Drive Against Malaria is able to broaden the field.


Support from business

Drive Against Malaria receives great support from the business community. Prospective companies are increasingly doing corporate social responsibility. The list of companies that have supported our organization for years can be found under the heading Support Us. Social aspects within the business strategy are taken into account and the needs of communities in developing countries are taken into account. We experience this as an aid organization - Foundation Drive Against Malaria (DAM). And not only financially.


Companies also offer their services in terms of their own expertise and specialism. This is a positive development within our society and particularly valuable for thousands of children's lives and our activities in Africa. This allows us to continue to develop aid, to broaden the field of work in Africa and to effectively save thousands of lives every year.


It is precisely by using external expertise from dozens of companies that we can spend almost 98% of the funds received on our projects in Africa. As a result, we can avoid high costs for overhead, communication, printing, and what is needed for business operations.


Drive Against Malaria Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). Your help can be submitted to the Tax Authorities (the Netherlands / Belgium) and that will give you and your company a tax benefit!

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