Special Events for DAM

Special events to support Drive Against Malaria have been set up by numerous companies, entrepreneurs, schools and everyone who cares about the eradication of malaria. DAM is very happy with this support! More than 500 special, enthusiastic, and spontaneous events have been taken over the years that made impressive donations possible for our purpose in Africa, reducing the incidence of malaria among children in Africa by more than 50%.

Would you like to set up an event for Drive Against Malaria Foundation to support children in Africa? Are you looking for inspiration or do you have a creative idea? Then don't hesitate to turn your idea into a special promotion. We would like to help you with it! Send your question via our Contact form. You might be surprised by the results!

Unique LANDY ArtPrint to support Drive Against Malaria

The legendary Land Rover Defender sets the pace for a new series of 'IconiCars', with high-quality limited ArtPrints for Drive Against Malaria. Land Rover and JoinTheTalent give creative color to ten years of support for DAM's work in Africa. Five euros of every 'Landy' ArtPrint sold goes to Drive Against Malaria. This means that we can save six children's lives with every print! The launch of the IconiCars series coincides with the seventy-year anniversary of Land Rover, the 30th anniversary of Drive Against Malaria - the world's first ever malaria campaign - and the 10 years of dedicated support from Land Rover to DAM. The timeless and especially unique prints on high-quality paper are numbered and provided with a certificate, available via the website of JoinTheTalent and Etsy.com. You can order your unique copy HERE .

Classic Car Rally Clubs support aid projects

"Rally driving your classic car, where good navigation and the acquisition of nice new contacts are more important than speed. And if you support a good cause at the same time, the action is completely successful", organizers agree. Every year, national and international Classic Car Clubs run rallies throughout Europe for the benefit of the work of Drive Against Malaria. They are mainly rallies with classic and special cars such as Jaguar-D-Type, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and many special brands. Passionate participants raise funds for children affected by malaria. With this support we save thousands of lives of seriously ill children. It is fantastic that the enthusiasm for classic and special cars is used for the benefit of an important life cause!

Marathon for Malaria

Dozens of people from ExxonMobil are running the“ Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon” in Antwerp, not only sporting their best foot, but also showing their heart. They support malaria patients in Africa and at the same time support our fight against malaria. In this way they, along with thousands of soul mates, walk in favor of the fight against malaria. During this sporting event, ExxonMobil wants to financially support our aid organization to help people in Africa who are confronted with malaria. The previous editions of this event raised more than 300,000 Euros!

Clothing collection raises funds for medicine

Collecting clothing and textiles is a wonderful way to raise money that can help children cure Malaria. Drive Against Malaria Foundation is the main goal of this wonderful promotion. Our aid organization offers help to the poorest families in Africa who are confronted with the worst that can happen to you as a parent, namely that your child has malaria. The disease is fatal if treatment is not received. The proceeds from the containers, which are placed at 25 locations throughout the Netherlands, will go entirely to the assistance of DAM in the most remote areas in Africa.

Book sales directly support DAM

YouBeDo.com is an online web store with a noble purpose. Book readers can choose from more than 4,000,000 titles for the same price as other book providers and YouBeDo ensures that our work in Africa is supported. It therefore does not cost the reader anything extra! Via the web store you can support a special project: "Help 3,000 children heal from Malaria". In this way, book readers work together to create a better and more inclusive world and to prevent the loss of many children's lives. Drive Against Malaria has saved more than 9,000 lives in this way.

Laptops donated from England for DAM missions and health education efforts

We thank our British partners for the generous Laptop donations! They are gratefully received and used for our ongoing health missions in Cameroon and education programs in central- and southern Africa. We implement the hardware for the medication and patient information project in Drive Against Malaria health clinics. We also provide laptops for schools in all key areas, relating to high malaria risk. We train teachers how to use the computers in combination with presentations for their classes. We aim to give children the opportunity to gain a better understanding of malaria with the help of the computers. More than 137 secondary schools in Cameroon have been provided with free laptops through this special education plan. The people of Cameroon are very happy with your support. Thank you!

Quick Copy collection boxes on the counter works wonders

When you walk into the Belgian company Quick Copy, you certainly do not miss the great action to help African children! This is a super nice promotion from Quick Copy. Drive Against Malaria teams work in isolated areas to cure a maximum number of children from the dreaded disease. The proceeds make an important contribution to the health of many central African children. Thanks to the generosity of Quick Copy customers, we can treat more than 250 sick children with life-saving medicines every year. In this way we bring together the day that no child has to die from malaria ever closer!

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