Hope for the BaAka Pygmies


Southeast Cameroon - 27 project villages. We have been supporting twenty-seven project villages since 2007 in the middle of the tropical rain forest of southeast Cameroon, between Lomie and the border with the Central African Republic. This remote part of the country is largely inhabited by the poorest population group; the BaAka Pygmies. "" These people are completely ignored. That is why we continue to give help to the BaAka, "says Julie Samuel. DAM provides protection and consultations in 9 aid stations and with mobile units for the remote settlements. Areas where electricity and clean drinking water do not occur. More and more families from the wider area are calling for help. Our presence in this area spreads like wildfire. There is a dire shortage of aid in remote areas.

"It is sad that far too few people from the poorest population in Africa have access to medicine. For example, we had a very sick child here yesterday. Mother Christa Mbungo had to walk no less than 70 km with her deadly sick child to get here. Often a child is already in a coma on the way. It is too late for 3 out of 5 children who come from miles away. "


One of the harrowing incidents is about mother Delphine. She suffered from advanced malaria and was at the same time highly pregnant with Jèje. Shortly after the birth, the disease became fatal and died. These are sad scenes. Her newborn baby survived the intervention we had in the nick of time. He has since become a healthy and lively boy!


There is hardly any help for the Pygmy population. That is the tough reality. Thanks to free medication and training from DAM, the number of consultations doubled. David Robertson: "In 2007 we first started distributing protective mosquito nets. The population is enormously grateful that we continue to give them attention and help for more than 8 years. This trust also ensures that we achieve positive results. In this way we not only bring hope back to the people, but also progress and health. In addition, we see that the economy is growing in the villages. We are also taking major steps in this area. With the support of DAM for the BaAka, children will no longer die unnecessarily as a result of malaria. But we must not lose sight of the fact that care for the health of the villagers will collapse without help because the needs are overwhelming. The greatest need is the supply of crucial medication.

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