57 villages malaria free!


(CAMEROON - Central) → In the central region of Cameroon, between Bikok and Nkongndougou, where DAM found the most deadly form of malaria, is now free of malaria! This is the third region in Cameroon where DAM is stopping one of Africa's biggest deadly diseases.

No fatal cases of malaria have been traced in the last three years. Now we can declare the region free of malaria. During our first investigation we found shaky malaria care. This caused a huge malaria epidemic where 800 deaths were recorded and more than 6,045 cases were reported. At that time, the total population declined and the number of deaths was greater than the number of births. Malaria was found in every family. The residents were so upset, especially when the children got the disease from one to three years old.

THE EPIDEMIC Approximately 75% of admissions to the aid stations were the result of malaria. Many residents from the mountains moved to the fertile central area for agriculture. Now the people from the hill country had no immunity to malaria at all, because they live in a high mountain area. When they settled in the malaria risk area, these new people developed malaria and spread the disease. They had heavy attacks and they developed a very high number of parasites. It became a serious epidemic


FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE So it was DAM and our local teams who explained house to house in the first mission what the process of DAM's control and treatment method is and how they can protect themselves. We prescribed what they should do with our tools.


INTENSIVE AID The year that followed, malaria was drastically reduced after the introduction of insect-killing bed nets and with the launch of a diagnostic program. DAM has implemented various intervention programs to eradicate the disease. Patients suffering from malaria stood in long lines in front of the emergency services to receive the first treatments.


COST-FREE HELP The procedure was maintained under careful supervision. Most were from a great distance. Many of them did not have enough money to buy the prescribed medication. That is why DAM provides free treatment and bed nets.


TRAINING & AWARENESS In addition, awareness, information and training are required for treatment staff. Now that all control protocols have been properly followed by the entire population in combination with full access to resources for all residents, the central region with 57 villages is now free of malaria! The central region where the malaria parasite epidemic was discovered and today's elimination is an important milestone in the fight against the disease!


MALARIA REPORTS Now the entire region of Bikok - Nkongndougou has shown the rest of Cameroon that malaria can be overcome by intensive distribution of bed nets, adequate diagnostics, effective medicines, daring action, healthy investments and perseverance. The rest of the country can learn from this experience. And certainly when the focus is very intensively in the first place to prevent further spread for sufficient protection. Now we ensure that all aid stations are equipped with bed nets to maintain this success and diagnostics and medicines to cure malaria for new residents. Information, training and awareness programs are maintained. «

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