Help for refugee children Batouri


(CAMEROON: Batouri refugee camp) → DAM provides urgently needed help for the refugee children from the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) because malaria and dysentery demand lives.

Conditions here - and at 300 comparable locations along the eastern border of Cameroon - are slipping into an ever deeper valley. Insufficient aid has made 30 to 40 percent of refugees seriously ill. Most of them are children. Increasing malaria infections is the leading cause of death.

DAM has set up temporary consultation and treatment points to treat the growing number of sick children. More than 215,000 people have fled to Cameroon across the border. With thousands more coming in every month now. Most refugees have lost everything, have lost their loved ones and all their possessions. They are weakened by a lack of food and health care. They were withdrawn from Cameroon on foot.


Drive Against Malaria supports 4,500 life-saving medicines. These arrived early this year to treat the worst infections. In addition, we brought over 600 mosquito-killing bed nets to the affected children of the refugee camp. People are deeply grateful for the malaria treatment points that have been set up. With the help of more than 25 helpers, DAM informs the mothers about the importance of full malaria treatment and how they can prevent infection of their children.

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