DAM supports the poorest of Isobe


Cameroon / Isobe - The life of the villagers is being tested on all fronts. The village of Isobe on the southwest coast of Cameroon is plagued annually by cyclones. Mothers are concerned about the safety of their children.

More than fifty percent of the children are malnourished. It is precisely the children, who are particularly vulnerable to tropical diseases such as malaria, that have no strength to control the disease. A quarter die before they reach the age of five. Every family loses three to four children.


Samuel: “These are shocking conclusions. The situation of the residents is in a downward spiral, fishing is stagnating and the panic in the village is increasing. We see desperate mothers, malnourished children and unemployed men. In Isobe, life is more cruel than death. " Drive Against Malaria Foundation has known the needs of the people in Isobe since 2010.


DAM has made great progress since then. The residents are very relieved with the arrival of DAM. Robertson: “We have started to combat the most threatening malaria disease. By distributing mosquito nets and then testing and curing all residents of malaria. That first step immediately resulted in a huge drop in child mortality.”


We continue to provide medical facilities in Isobe. The number of inhabitants is now being brought back to a healthy level. New born babies stay alive and are in good health. Samuël: “We perform malaria tests and provide treatment. The most threatening disease in Isobe is now under control. We are currently also treating life-threatening diseases such as worm infections, typhoid fever and meningitis.

A village like Isobe is completely dependent on support. The majority of the residents are refugees in the shadow of society. But they too are entitled to a humane existence. Isobe is part of our 'Mount Cameroon Project' where various villages receive help from DAM.

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