We take care of children with malaria

WEST Cameroon - In the remote villages of West Cameroon, thousands of people live far below the poverty line and cannot always provide their children with a good living. They live so isolated that the closure of medical care is a constant threat in the event of a malaria outbreak.

To ensure that people can get help, we have set up health posts and provide medicines, diagnosis and mosquito nets for the regional clinics. Drive Against Malaria has been working in Cameroon since 1999. It is one of our longest running and largest missions with more than 180 projects in the country.

Fontem & Manji - Small villages are hidden in the mountains of Cameroon, such as Fontem and Manji. The villagers were once numerous. But malaria has kept a huge hold in the past. 89% of the children died of malaria in the first year of life. This percentage has fallen sharply with the deployment of care providers.


Now the villagers must remain sufficiently protected, but the delivery of essential medicines is difficult due to bad roads. There is also hardly any communication possible, which complicates assistance. Drive Against Malaria has been active in this area since 1999. Our teams mainly treat children. They are tested for the disease and infected children are treated immediately so that they are cured after 3 days.


We are working both in the villages and in the surrounding areas. The staff in the local hospitals receive the funds from DAM and are fully prepared. This allows us to prevent a new disaster.

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