Care from DAM for Babongo

Central African Republic - The village of Babongo is located in the southwest of the country. Due to its location in the tropical rainforest of the Dzanga Sangha, the village is fairly shielded from violence in contrast to the situation in the rest of the country. But the Bayaka residents in this area are very poor and cannot afford medicine for their children.

In addition to bitter poverty, malaria is responsible for the most common cause of death. Malaria is life threatening without access to treatment and protection. Additional tropical diseases are an additional obstacle and paralyze the health of many children. 

DAM provides free medical assistance for the residents of Babongo. They are flocking to the DAM aid station.

Those who are infected are treated with malaria medication ACT, currently the most effective treatment for malaria. 

Because the malaria mosquito only strikes at night, the use of an impregnated bed is very effective. Because of this barrier, the mosquito cannot reach the patient, thus preventing contaminated blood from being transferred to others. The emergency workers at Drive Against Malaria ensure that all residents have access to a network.

DAM provides malaria C.A.R.e to the most deprived people in different regions of the Central African Republic. Their survival is threatened by neglect, epidemics and exclusion from C.A.R.e. Babongo is part of the 'Dzanga Sangha Project' in the Central African Republic. DAM is responsible for 11 villages in this project.

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