Surgical procedures for children


BANGUI » Driving Doctors - part of Drive Against Malaria - provides surgery for children in the Central African Republic, in collaboration with DAM's partner Prof. dr. Onimus. We perform operations to correct distorted limbs caused by inadequate malaria treatment. 86% of bone growth due to incorrect malaria treatments of children occurs in Africa. Without proper medical care, the result is a lifelong handicap. Our teams perform orthopedic operations to remedy this condition

Our aim with the project is to improve the quality of life of children. Thousands of children suffer from neglected orthopedic malformations. In most cases, it involves the correction of deformed legs as a result of intramuscular quinine injections. This type of injection causes serious abnormalities of the limbs. The children can rehabilitate after the operation. The patients receive physiotherapy treatments and learn to use their legs again and can walk again.

It concerns malformations that have serious consequences for children, both physically and socially. Surgeons can voluntarily join the project to perform reconstructive surgery in the Central African Republic. These are operations that are rarely performed by the local health services because of the lack of well-trained surgeons and resources.

Testimony: "... the operating room of the heavily damaged hospital in Bangui is a dilapidated room. Electricity is missing and therefore the treatment is manual. We have to deal with it during the day with the light coming in through a window. Clean drinking water from the tap is pure luxury here. I see nothing more than the absolute minimum of medication and equipment. I have to let the first shock sink before I literally roll up my sleeves ... "

e - on our planet. More than 100 kilometers north with the border with Namibia, we catch the first glimpse of this special tribe with their unusual life and traditions. Even after the civil war that ended more than 15 years ago, little is known about them.

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