The Impact of your support

Your gift has a huge impact on the lives of children in Africa. Every support provides life-saving malaria treatments and the protection of weakened children. We provide mosquito nets, medication, education and training for the local population.


Your contribution makes a big difference in the lives of many families in need.

What does Drive Against Malaria do with your donation?


Here are a few examples that make up our assistance:

  • DAM provides Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs)​

    • The insecticide is effective for a minimum of four years

      • The nets contain the WHOPES certificate from the World Health Organization

    • A net costs 4 to 8 euros each (depending on dimensions and brand)​​

      • With € 700 a hundred families are protected against malaria for a period of four years

    • ​An LLIN is the most effective way to protect children

  • DAM provides Artemisin Combination Therapy (ACT)

    • ACT malaria medication costs € 1.50 per course (depending on the weight of the patient)

    • With € 5,000 we can purchase complete malaria kits

      • With this, three hundred sick children can be treated and protected

  • DAM provides comple malaria kits containing the most important tools to combat malaria

    • Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets

    • Artemisin Combination Therapy

    • Rapid Diagnostic Tests

    • extra vitamins

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