Thanks to Our Partners and Donors

We are very grateful to our partners for their trust and vital support! This allows us to ensure that medicines, diagnosis, protection and training for the local population are within reach. Thanks to your support, we can save thousands of children's lives in Africa!

Land Rover Netherlands and the Dutch Dealers have been loyal partners for many years

Since 2005 Land Rover Netherlands has been supporting the aid missions of Drive Against Malaria in Congo DRC, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambiek. Especially in extremely remote areas where malaria is a major threat to the population. Thanks to the annual support of more than € 50,000.00, we provide medicines, diagnostics, relief supplies and provide training and education for local aid stations and population groups. Since many years, DAM can count on Land Rover in many ways! "What Land Rover particularly admires is the enormous commitment of the initiators," says Marc Bienemann, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Benelux. "They provide effective aid in Africa. The organization also works with 'zero' overhead. In this way almost 100% of all donations can be converted into direct aid where it is most needed; in the isolated areas of Africa."

Land Rover Belgium and Land Rover Luxembourg (Land Rover BELUX), and its Land Rover Dealers have been great contributors to Drive Against Malaria since 2014

Thanks to the annual support of € 50,000, DAM can deliver life-saving medicines and protective mosquito nets to extremely isolated areas in northern Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. With this support we ensure that thousands of patients receive free medicines. We set up mobile projects in remote areas where we move with our teams from village to village. We then set up fixed aid stations together with the local population that permanently provide the necessary medical support. In this way we ensure that there is always help, where the people are and where the help is most needed.

ExxonMobil Benelux has been supporting Drive Against Malaria since 2007

Since then, DAM has received more than $ 300,000 from the company for the fight against this dreaded disease, which claims no fewer than 500,000 victims each year, making it one of the major obstacles to the socio-economic development of Central and Southern Africa. Access to health care often leaves something to be desired, knowledge about life-saving treatment is lacking and there are often insufficient facilities. With the support, the poorest families receive life-saving interventions for now and in the future. Because people matter. The result is extremely promising. Would you like to know more about ExxonMobil's support for Drive Against Malaria? View the news archive from October 2019

Novartis Pharma - Sustainability and transparency are high on the agenda

"As a large organization it is very pleasant to work with Drive Against Malaria. You see results so quickly," says Novartis Pharma General Manager. Children are the future and therefore they must remain protected against dreaded diseases. DAM can count on the support of the company every year. Novartis strives to eradicate diseases such as malaria, pioneers new ways to reach patients and seeks new solutions to improve health in developing countries.

Apple U.K. supports DAM's Healthcare Education & Training Projects in Africa

Apple sponsors over 2,500 people who pursue their dreams in DAM's 183 hard-to-reach malaria projects, to function as health professionals in their own communities. We are very grateful for this valuable donation from Apple UK!
Mr Lashinsky underlines: "We are impressed by DAM and that is why we are now supporting for the third year. We make our products that are tools for people to enable them to do things they would otherwise not be able to do. Being able to create, learn or teach. Do something great. We know that's what Drive Against Malaria is doing in Africa." Lashinsky continues: "Health education at extremely remote locations is no easy matter. The way DAM does it, with a lot of attention for traditional needs and local concerns, seems to me to be an ideal way for people in these African communities. It is DAM's method and dedication to really pay attention to every individual that makes us so special." (Read More)

BAM International supports the Drive Against Malaria campaign in Cameroon

BAM support DAM by helping to build clinics and a donation or a 4x4. The vehicle makes it possible to reach patients and aid workers in areas that are often difficult to access. "Drive Against Malaria's efforts to drive out malaria is impressive. Through our activities on the continent we are well aware of the malaria problem and we are proud to be able to make our contribution."

JoinTheTalent (JTT) provides the experience, knowledge and facilitation of talent

The legendary Land Rover Defender at the forefront for a new series of 'IconiCars' with high-quality ArtPrints, the initiative of JTT for Drive Against Malaria. Land Rover and JoinTheTalent use this to creatively color ten years of support for our work in Africa. This is done with the sale of unique 'Landy' ArtPrints. Five euros of every ArtPrint sold goes to DriveAgainstMalaria. This means that we can save six children's lives with each item sold. The launch of the series coincides with the seventy-year anniversary of Land Rover, the thirty anniversary of Drive Against Malaria - the world's first malaria campaign - and the ten years of dedicated support from Land Rover to DAM. The unique limited prints on high-quality paper are numbered and provided with a certificate, available via the website of JoinTheTalant and Etsy.com.

NLMTD supports the Drive Against Malaria Foundation since 2010

'Our team has great respect for the way in which the initiators - Julia Samuël and David Robertson - tackle malaria. For this reason, and due to the fact that DAM has achieved visible successes in the fight against inhumane disease in recent years, they can count on our contribution, "says director Guus Lakeman. "This means that NLMTD provides all possible assistance in the field of communication for DAM, in all its facets. Consider, among other things: taking care of newsletters, brochures, interviews and the coordination and supervision thereof. All this of course on a non-invoice basis." Lakeman continues, ''Although our help may only be a drop in the ocean; every drop is one."

LIONS Club International has chosen DAM for its education and information donation

DAM invests the funds for the expansion of the training program. With the support, DAM can innovate and innovate in the field of learning resources for local health workers. This is especially important in the fight against malaria. This allows us to strengthen knowledge about new developments in the field of medication and diagnostics in remote areas.

Brussels Airlines offers cargo capacity on its flights for DAM's life-saving malaria interventions

For Brussels Airlines, it is evident that sustainability and social responsibility are part of its strategic plan. As an Africa specialist, society often comes into contact with people suffering from poverty, illness, neglect and violence. They therefore want to do their bit to improve the living conditions of the local African population, where necessary. Brussels Airlines has chosen to focus on one of Africa's biggest problems, healthcare. They work together with a few NGOs that agree with the values ​​and norms of Brussels Airlines and that offer structural help to the African population.

Rotary's Inner Wheel Club supports to contribute to the well-being of children

These funds allow for the purchase of leg prostheses for disabled children in Africa, who would otherwise not receive support. It is an important contribution to improve the lives of the children. They can only walk again with help. Drive Against Malaria often finds shocking situations during door-to-door test consultations; children suffer and are almost never moved. They live completely isolated. With the support of Inner Wheel we treat these children and help with prostheses. This allows us to give children hope for a better life.

Jeths Cleaning supports our projects in extremely remote areas

Jeths Cleaning, specialists in jet cleaning services, is committed to a healthy and sustainable society. They help African isolated areas where people suffer from lack of medical help or have no access to medicines. "We are not only happy to be aware of our environment, but also of our fellow human beings. One of the initiatives we support is Drive Against Malaria. The purpose of this aid organization is to overcome malaria and to ensure that children are no longer unnecessarily affected by this. We don't live in a time to sit back and we don't intend to."

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia supports DAM

The Delegation of Drive Against Malaria is a regular guest at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Yaounde. The Ambassador offered contributions to finance projects in Central and West Cameroon, especially in areas with high risk malaria, to assist health and humanitarian programs. The support contains insecticide bed nets to eliminate the disease for at least 25 villages in the West of the country. Over the last 8 years of systematic efforts to control malaria, has successfully reduced the malaria cases, to a point where malaria is now constrained to the border with Nigeria, the most south-western area along the Pacific Ocean. The progress towards elimination in this province is promising.

Michelin supports Drive Against Malaria

Michelin Cameroon has a strong sense of commitment to the Cameroonian population to help improve healthcare in the country. CEP Michelin Cameroon David François says "In our company it is not only about tires. We are here to help each other. That's obvious." Within the corporation's social responsibility programs, supporting handicapped children in Nkonsamba, school finance assistance for ISTDI studies, finding solutions for tree diseases, and subsidizing Nature Park Boubanjida, Now supporting Drive Against Malaria has been integrated into Michelin's trust programs. For DAM the donations are important in the prevention of malaria in rural areas and hard-to-reach mountain villages.

Classic Car Rally Clubs supports Drive Against Malaria

"Rally driving your classic car, where good navigation and the acquisition of nice new contacts are more important than speed. And if you support a good cause at the same time, then the day will be a success", organizers agree. Every year in France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands, Classic Car Rally's are driven by national and international Classic Car Clubs for the benefit of the work of Drive Against Malaria. They are mainly rallies with classic cars such as Jaguar-D-Type, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bugatti, Rolls Roye and Mercedes. The passionate participants raise funds for children affected by malaria. With this support, Drive Against Malaria saves thousands of lives of seriously ill children. It is fantastic that the enthusiasm for classic and special cars is used for the benefit of an important life cause.

Drive Against Malaria counts on financial support from thousands of regular donors

Drive Against Malaria can count on financial support from a large number of regular donors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, England and the United States. More than 7,000 people are permanent members and donors and this number continues to grow! Most donations are annual amounts, though large one-time gifts such as contributions from an inheritance or a donation from a festive event are an essential source of income. Thanks to the support of our loyal donors, our local teams in Africa can continue their important work, and without these donations, the world would look very different for many families in Africa.

Scribe Solutions provides professional text solutions and more for Drive Against Malaria

Our humanitarian organization needs a creative, professional writer to create English text that sparkles and fix our existing text. CEO Stephen Johnston is a brilliant copywriter, takes the material about our projects we provide and transforms it into readable text and deliver a final document suitable for our needs. He is passionate about what he does, and bring that passion to our organization. A lot of people can write English, but only a few write it all day. And even less know how to create truly professional text that connects our ideas to people in ways that matter.

Hedge Fund community commits $200,000+ for DAM to establish Malaria Free Zones 

The Hedge Fund community is proud to announce a donation of  Funds totaling over $ 200,000 for Drive Against Malaria Foundation to establish Malaria Free Zones in Cameroon, Nigeria, Central African Republic and Angola. "Malaria needs to stand out on its own, "says Hedge Fund's Mr. Laiferz. "It cannot simply be subsumed under the umbrella of Global Health or Poverty. We and others have been raising awareness and support to fight malaria, but we need to escalate and expedite our efforts. The Hedge Fund community has the means to help make this happen. We have welcomed the opportunity to step up to the plate as partners with DAM and ask others to join us in this fight." The projects entail the proper combination of current methods, with professional monitoring and oversight, and with sustainability being a goal. "We believe that malaria represents the tipping point social issue for Africa. We believe that an African child's life is worth protecting."

Van Lanschot Bankiers provides essential support

To be able to finance aid projects but also for the continuity of the activities of Drive Against Malaria, support is essential. The responsibility of a company extends further than just customers. It is important for a company to also make a social contribution. Van Lanschot supports DAM for fulfilling the essential role in society. The fact is that the fact that defenseless people receive support appeals to the company. After all, nobody chooses to be a victim.

Quick Copy in Belgium has supported Drive Against Malaria with printing for many years

Quick Copy  is a dynamic company that also wants to contribute to society. Social responsibility and involvement with better health care for African children appeals to them. Thanks to their support, we can spend our funds on projects in Africa rather than on printing. In addition, their customers provide donations for malaria medication for children. Every year they support more than 250 seriously ill children in Central Africa who cannot survive malaria without treatment.

UNIÃO Jaguar Land Rover in Luanda, Angola is an incredible support for DAM!

As the savior of DAM's 4x4 Defender, União literally helped us to remain on the front lines of the struggle against Malaria. The company brought our Land Rover Defender back on the road again many times for many years. This help, to save our Land Rover Defender is an incredibly generous gift or support, to help us to continue. We like to thank the company and all staff, for the amazing support, determination and confidence in what we do.

L'ORÉAL supports the women's projects of the Drive Against Malaria Foundation

L'ORÉAL supports the women's projects of the Drive Against Malaria Foundation in Africa with 15,000 Dollars this year. Dozens of projects already provide education and training in health care especially for women who were previously confronted with rejection by the regular sector. With the support of L'Oréal, DAM removes obstacles by training the women who live in the poorest communities. Now they are powerful pillars in society and now treat the patients in the villages themselves. With the fantastic new fund, we can give more than 3,000 women a new chance in the coming year!

Angolan company CICCI supports Drive Against Malaria on many fronts

CICCI represent leading manufacturers of essential anti-malaria products in Angola and keep these products in stock for immediate delivery, which is indispensable for the missions of Drive Against Malaria. CICCI's main customers are the government offices, UN, and NGOs participating in this important fight. The CICCI Angola team, with decades of experience, has been helping DAM since 2006 with great dedication and professionalism. CICCI has made a donation of no less than 100 protective and mosquito-killing bed nets that will give 700 residents of Angola protection for four years against the dreaded disease in high-risk areas. 

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