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Donations from the Netherlands

Your support saves lives - Thank You!

Your support is enormously important for the residents in our project areas. Our assistance is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions. Only thanks to you can we help the children. They are often completely exhausted and cannot survive malaria without medication. We listen to the call for help from many mothers and fathers, who would have remained unheard of without our support. That is why we do everything in our power to cure sick children as quickly as possible. Your support means a lot to the families in Africa!

You can support Drive Against Malaria via the Van Lanschot Bank account number:

  • Account number - 699 398 398

  • IBAN - NL13FVLB 0699 398 398

  • BIC - FVLBNL22

  • Drive Against Malaria Foundation - AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands


Your gift is tax deductible

If you make a periodic or one-time donation to Stichting Drive Against Malaria, as an approved ANBI institution, this is deductible for you! Which soon means that the tax authorities 'refund' you 42% or even 52% of the donation. You can have the government contribute to your donation. The tax authorities have determined that our organization has received the 'ANBI' stamp.

Donations from Belgium

Your support saves lives - Thank You!

It is a frequently asked question: "... am I entitled to a tax reduction if I support a Dutch aid organization?" '' You live in Belgium and you have made a donation to Drive Against Malaria - of at least 40 Euro within a calendar year - then you are also entitled to a tax reduction of 45%. Like Belgium, the Dutch Drive Against Malaria Foundation is a Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Your gift is tax deductible

The Tax and Customs Administration has determined that Drive Against Malaria is a recognized charitable ANBI institution, equivalent to a recognized Belgian institution and recognized in a similar manner. That is, under the same conditions under which the institutions established in Belgium are recognized. For your tax reduction, DAM can issue you a statement / certificate at the start of the year. You can request this from us via the e-mail address: driveagainstmalaria.team@gmail.com for the attention of Mrs. A. Coetzee, quoting 'Kwijtschrift'. This discharge serves as proof of your gift. You do not have to attach it to your declaration, but you must keep it at the disposal of the administration.

Donations from the United Kingdom

Your support saves lives - Thank You!

Your donation makes a forever transformation towards a healthy family life. By making your gift to Drive Against Malaria Foundation, you are there for thousands of people who face malaria every day. The humanitarian mission of our organization connect us to the people in the most remote communities across Africa to deliver lifesaving treatment. With your help we can reach more children who have never seen healthcare before. We could not be there without generous donations from people like you! Thank you for being a lifeline for people who need us the most.

You can support us via the BARCLAYS account

  • Account number - 0 93216098


  • IBAN - GB08 BARC 2062 5393 2160 98

  • Drive Against Malaria Foundation - LONDON - United Kingdom

Your donation to our Dutch Foundation is Tax deductible!

Donations to European Union Member States are Tax deductible. Both, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, are EEA States. For more information: Charitable Giving HS342 Self Assessment Helpsheet. Drive Against Malaria Foundation is an official Qualified Charitable Organization by Dutch Law (ANBI) and EU Regulations. For our United Kingdom sponsors, we can help you with the necessary 'Document-of-proof'. You can apply for this document via our email address: driveagainstmalaria.team@gmail.com to Dr. ir . A. Coetzee.

Donations from the European Union for all EEA States citizens

Your support saves lives - Thank You!

List of member states in the EEA: Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Hungary - Iceland - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - The Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - United Kingdom «

Your donation to our Dutch Foundation is Tax deductible!

Donations to Drive Against malaria Foundation as an Official European Charity by Law, is deductible from taxable income. Cross-border gifts to charitable organizations established in other member states of the European Union or state within the European Economic Area (EEA) are deductible. You will have the opportunity to show that a gift made to Drive Against Malaria Foundation, an entity established in another member state satisfies the requirements imposed by that legislation for the grant of such benefit. Where a body recognized as charitable in one member state satisfies the requirements imposed for that purpose by the law or another member state and where its object is the promotion of the very same general public interest, the right to equal treatment shall not be denied solely on the ground that it is not established in the other member state. Drive Against Malaria Foundation can provide document-of-proof as we may deliver necessary or conditions for you tax deduction.

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