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Southwest Cameroon - Malaria is still a recurring nightmare for the population in many villages. Every new epidemic kills, especially among the children. Fathers and mothers are left with indelible sorrow for the loss.

Malaria, which is caused by a parasite, can degenerate into a serious form. It can be deadly if not treated. Thanks to rapid tests, an accurate and fast diagnosis is possible, saving thousands of children's lives. 

Malaria, which is caused by a parasite, can degenerate into a serious form. It can be deadly if not treated. Thanks to rapid tests, an accurate and fast diagnosis is possible, saving thousands of children's lives. Southwest Region - Helping children; as quickly as possible ! » Drive Against Malaria is the only aid organization on site during the crisis in Southwest Cameroon. Thousands of children are in danger if drastic measures are not taken quickly. Regular medicines are shrinking visibly. Families are affected by the consequences of conflicts and rising malaria. With this scenario, the youngest children are put to death. DAM sends out emergency aid for the children in the crisis area of ​​Cameroon with medicines and mosquito-killing bed nets to continue supplying aid stations for 3,775 people. The vulnerable children in this part of the country are currently confronted with a double catastrophe; the recent outbreak and the existing conflicts. This is a double disaster for children in Cameroon. DAM has put together extra teams that treat sick children, deliver vital medicines and distribute nets. This will increase the chances of the families surviving. Southwest Region - Malaria threatens thousands of babies. » In 2017 and 2018, Cameroon is being torn apart by conflict. There is no more help for thousands of families. Thousands of babies are also threatened by malaria. Their lives are in danger and without urgent treatment babies will never reach their 5th birthday. As soon as political unrest arises, malaria disasters are hardly manageable. Medication and protection cannot reach the areas, causing new infections to flare up. Drive Against Malaria is currently the only relief organization in this area. DAM recently treated over 3,500 children, in the midst of chaos and dismay. We support affected families with life-saving treatments for their babies and we provide mosquito-killing bed nets. Through a network of local people, Drive Against Malaria is able to provide the best support to affected families and their children as quickly as possible. Limbe - The management of the 'Mile One' hospital calls in our support. In the pediatric ward, nurses run from bed to bed, check whether the little ones are still breathing well and serve medication via an infusion when the children are too weak to swallow. Limbe, a place with more than 85,000 inhabitants, often has to do without nets. This has dramatic consequences. Mothers bring their children with serious malaria to the hospital as a matter of urgency, but here too, the hospital is lacking nets. Now DAM stands in solidarity with Limbe in the fight against malaria and advocates overcoming the disease here too. To prevent child mortality, DAM has made nets available. But more support is needed. Help makes a big difference for children who are affected. Meveo Me Mbenge - Malaria hits like a bomb here. We realize how hopeless it looks for people without help. There is no health system that can protect and treat sick children. DAM helps the residents with essential supplies. Our teams provide treatment and protection for all families. Here too gratitude is enormous. Mbembis - We frequently receive disturbing signals from remote villages about malaria outbreaks. If one third of a population group appears to be infected, then action must be taken quickly, as in Mbembis. Thousands of residents approach the aid station, because help has never been there before. More than 60% of the children tested by our teams appear to be infected with the deadly form of malaria. In this situation it means that our teams have to deliver results under high voltage. It is inconceivable that it will cost the lives of dozens of children without help. Not being there is not an option for us. More than 9,100 relieved residents can count on us.

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