677 Children freed from life-threatening situation


Central African Republic - NOLA REGION ↔ BAYANGA Drive Against Malaria has taken 677 children out of a life-threatening situation. A malaria outbreak affected more than 2,000 children, 677 of which were in life-threatening comatose. With an immediate emergency operation the explosion of malaria is fought and conquered!

They are now completely on top again! The sick children can now live a normal life again without the danger of possible neurological long-term consequences. While the situation initially looked desperate. "Hundreds of children come to us dead sick during this outbreak of malaria," says Dr. Coetzee, medical director of Drive Against Malaria (DAM). "They have extremely poor defenses and are alarmingly weakened."

Coma and anemia. After the civil war, hundreds of settlements in no man's land between Nola and Bayanga were isolated and left to their fate. In addition, it has frequently happened in recent months that war victims want to return to their trusted settlements from infected refugee camps. DAM regularly checks remote settlements, but is now stunned.

"Concerned mothers come to us with the first sick children. Thankful for every bright spot that can free their children from the shredding claws of malaria." the little ones are so pale and fragile that it is clear that they can collapse without help at any time, and the sick who were still able to walk appear afterwards.


Combination therapy changed lives. There is a severe malaria epidemic with a significant number of coma cases and children with clear symptoms of severe anemia. We will resolutely get started with rapid RDT-Malaria tests and various malaria medicines that will cause all malaria parasites to die in the blood. The amount of medicines depends on the weight of the patients. Every sick child must take the correct dose to increase the chance of survival.

Give medication on time. This customized treatment ensures that the children stay alive. It is equally necessary that the mothers give their children the medication on time, so that the effect of the drugs is effective for a longer period. That is why we work together with local assistants who provide explanations in their own language and in their own familiar way. For example about how to take the medication, with or without food, and when.

Developments immediately visible. This therapy immediately sets the attack on the culprit, the malaria parasites, leaving the children in longer danger to life. Those who closely follow the medication prescription can be confident that their children will be healthy again. The healing effect of the medication quickly becomes visible. The children are active again and play again. Compared to the months in which the malaria epidemic made the most victims, the number of infections decreased by more than a third!

DAM then supplied 3,000 treatments to the settlements to prevent the return of future outbreaks. We must undoubtedly be prepared that in the coming months too, more and more refugees return to their trusted villages, but unfortunately also C.A.R.ry the malaria parasite with them.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we have been able to save 677 children's lives in the settlements from Nola to Bayanga! We thank all our donors for this support for vital medicines! «

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