Vulnerable population groups

Nigeria / Cameroon border region - There is so much need for medicines that we continue to expand our aid in Africa year after year. We go all out and do what we can, but at the same time we realize that for every child we cure from malaria, there are many more families who cannot get any medication at all, such as in the Nigeria - Cameroon border area.

BAKASSI - There is hardly any qualified medical staff in areas such as Bakassi. Malaria is still the devil who rules here. Our main mission is to combat malaria, but safety is a tricky obstacle in Bakassi. The area is in the middle of a region that is under heavy fire due to rebels, kidnappings and robberies.

At Bakassi there is a shortage of everything. Under all circumstances, we remain ready for the people. At various places we set up field aid stations, where people sometimes stand in line for hours to be helped. The residents are patient and very grateful. Our teams often receive more than 350 patients per day.


Our support teams are always ready to take action if an epidemic threatens to break out. We provide care to everyone who is a malaria victim. We are often one of the few who are active in an area because the ongoing threat in these areas makes humanitarian assistance extremely difficult.

People can come to us for treatment for malaria and many other diseases. Additional complications in this area are a lack of roads, electricity, clean water and an almost impenetrable landscape. There are no bridges, which makes our assistance a major logistical challenge.


For example, our teams use boats to reach the people who need help. We have therefore set up malaria posts at Bakassi and trained local people so that people closer to home can get a cure.

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