DAM helps victims in Mossapoula

Central African Republic - Churita has the most deadly variant of malaria. For the residents of Mossapoula this seems to be the rule rather than the exception. The situation in the village is more than dire. Many children die unnecessarily, while the disease is preventable.

In 2010, DAM sounded the alarm bell about necessary help to Mossapoula and seven villages within the Dzanga Sangha area, located in the second largest rainforest in the world. In these villages, malaria is the number 1 health hazard for the Bayaka pygmies. Every child that dies is one too many.

The life of the Bayaka was in serious danger of being compromised by a lack of medical facilities. Vulnerable children are particularly at risk. DAM has made every effort to help the Bayaka. A complex and costly operation, partly due to poor accessibility to their habitat.

The Bayaka live in bitter poverty. They have no money for essential medicines, while malaria is spreading hard. There is a good chance that malaria will make vulnerable families victims. That is why it is necessary that the children and all residents come to DAM for a consultation. The first test results are shocking. The Bayaka urgently need extra help.

The DAM team responds immediately to the first emergency situation. DAM opens extra consultations and immediately there is a huge influx of mothers and their sick children. Children under 7, pregnant women and residents with extremely high fever will receive priority. Without adequate medication, they will not survive malaria and die within a few days.

Drive Against Malaria makes every effort to reduce the risk of acute malaria infection. We provide medication, training for local health professionals and the distribution of impregnated mosquito nets to prevent further spread of malaria. Mossapoula is part of our 'Dzanga Sangha Project' in the Central African Republic.

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