Malaria invades DRC in the Congo

Since the establishment of Drive Against Malaria, we have taken care of residents who do not have access to medical care. Malaria continues to grow in the DRC in the Congo and that is why DAM's actions in the country are of vital importance.

(CONGO DRC) In the Republic, we support hospitals and emergency centers in extremely remote areas, with medicines and medical equipment. We send protection to isolated populations and work in displaced areas where we can reach the poorest minority groups. In these regions such as Congo's Kyade, we monitor the great need for protective mosquito nets for the civilian population.

Especially in the isolated border areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo , people have little or no opportunity to have access to nets and medicines for families. '' The most essential medicines are lacking here in the scarce emergency centers. This is disastrous for infected children, "said Moke Kikuma, head of the aid station in the Kyade region.

In addition to the distribution of nets, we also take care of the treatment of sick people with indispensable vaccination campaigns to prevent further epidemics. '' During the malaria season in Congo we are confronted with a peak in the number of victims. Every day, families come to us with the most deadly PF form, "Robertson emphasizes. You can heal from this dangerous disease and the medication must be accessible to everyone.

Bednets and medicines are only available in the big cities, but it is a bitter fact that the poorest branch of the population lives outside the city. The situation is exacerbated by poor infrastructure and instability in many regions. But also the costs of care, are a blow to families and the ability to pay for this is lacking in every family.

Robertson continues, "As soon as our medicines reach an aid station, there will be a large line of mothers with seriously ill children the next day ." He visited the aid stations in 2016 and since then we support the centers with which we can provide more than 8,500 treatments. Drive Against Malaria has been active for years to make essential medicines available in Africa, for everyone who needs it, regardless of the financial shortage of its inhabitants.

That is why we are struggling in the most remote areas to get the resources in the right place to prevent further spread and fatal infections. Fortunately, there are currently excellent medicines, with no unpleasant side effects, that can even cure children with severe malaria. These cases were also recovered after four days. Everyone can survive malaria and that is why they must be accessible to everyone.

The logistics to bring the medication to the inhospitable areas is already a challenge in itself. Without our groundbreaking Land Rover's, no assistance is possible in Congo! Thanks to support from Belgium and the Netherlands, we can provide the health posts in the DRC border area with rapid malaria tests and medicines for a year. It is thanks to this support that people in the Republic can also count on our medicines. We are extremely grateful to our donors! «

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