Children of Angola get a saving hand

(ANGOLA: Border Areas) - Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases for children in Angola. The border areas with its neighboring countries are particularly risky areas. Thousands of children die of serious malaria consequences before their fifth birthday. Drive Against Malaria gives them a saving hand to help prevent the complications of this life-threatening disease. With the right healthcare, children can be treated and with sufficient preventive means, fatal threat can often be prevented.

Drive Against Malaria works at the front line of the disease and ensures that child mortality in DAM's mission villages is reduced by 80 to 90 percent. The largest malaria risk areas are often most prevalent in border districts. We have made great progress, but much remains to be done. Especially in the isolated border areas of Angola.

For nearly 10 years, teams and health workers have been involved in the fight against malaria in the border districts of Angola to reduce child mortality and to provide care to families in remote and vulnerable communities. We support local health posts throughout the year so that families have access to primary health care. «

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