DAM & Presidents, Ministers, and Ambassadors in Africa

In the African countries, DAM works in partnership with Presidents, Ministers, Ambassadors, the United Nations and the World Health Organization to reinforce and implement malaria mission collaborative projects. The collaboration stimulates the exchange of knowledge and expertise between all parties and makes it possible to organize training courses, seminars and national malaria programs. An effective way to fight the disease.

"Ambassadors, Ministers, Presidents around Africa applaud Drive Against Malaria and David Robertson's effort to reduce malaria in the continent."

Nelson Mandela, speaking in 2000

DAM & World Health Organization NAMIBIA

World Health Organization - Drive Against Malaria works with the World Health Organization (WHO) in African countries as well as in Europe (Geneva). In 1998, Dr. David Nabarro of the WHO officially announced the partnership at the International MIM Conference in Durban. We maintain close ties on the front of malaria advocacy, also by putting together media campaigns and TV programs. The aim is to make aspects of malaria known worldwide, to chart the situation in Africa, to coordinate health care activities and to promote the health of the population. To cope with malaria in Africa, there is an urgent need for medicines, diagnostics, protection and training. Together with the WHO, we design step-by-step plans for implementation in Africa.


DAM & United Nations AFRICA

United Nations - Drive Against Malaria cooperates with the United Nations in African countries. This is a very broad-based partnership; both during crises, when the United Nations Food Program (WFP) asks its partners for extra malaria assistance in the Central African Republic. The UN supported DAM with additional transport containers. We also received assistance during the crisis in Kivu / Congo DRC. Air bridges were set up by MONUC to bring people, equipment, medicines and 760,000 mosquito nets to Kivu. A regional network of aid stations was established where infected children were treated. In Zambia we are realizing a solid collaboration with the development of a structural plan of action to carry out the activities related to the distribution of 9,000,000 networks.

DAM & United States Ambassador - ANGOLA

United States Ambassador - for Angola, Her Excellency Mrs Cynthia G. Efird, Drive Against Malaria receives the Founders in Luanda, Angola. "We are interested and willing to help," says the US diplomat, referring to the Foundation's contribution to the malaria initiative for which $ 5,000,000 is being spent to reduce malaria disease and mortality and to improve malaria. control for the next 5 years.
DAM & Minister Of Public Health - ANGOLA

Angola Minister of Public Health - His Excellency Dr. ir. José Vieira Dias Van-Dunem , announces a national strategic plan to combat malaria, during the meeting with Drive Against Malaria in Luanda. A number of leading partners, the public and private sectors, have joined DAM to build local capacity in Angola. This results in the distribution of 200,000 nets, medicines and diagnostics in Angola.
DAM & Minister Of Public Health - CAMEROON

His Excellency Health Minister of Cameroon, André Mama Fouda, endorses the collaboration with Drive Against Malaria in Cameroon. DAM is active in more than 32 countries on the continent and in 2007 chooses the country of Cameroon as the first location base for activities in the fight against malaria. André Mama Fouda, "I confirm the value of Drive Against Malaria in the fight against malaria in many African countries. We are honored that you have chosen Cameroon as a permanent basis and I think you have made a good decision." - Professor Gervais Ondobo Andzé (Director de la Lutte Contre la Maladie) "We are very positive about the cooperation between Drive Against Malaria and our Ministry, both for expanding malaria interventions, along with the needs for Onchocerciasis, vaccination programs and the protection of the environment, by stimulating the planting of trees by our community. Malaria and deforestation are closely linked. "
DAM & Minister of Public Health - SUDAN

Minister of Public Health, His Excellency Mr. Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, "It's a great pleasure to receive Drive Against Malaria in our country. Malaria is a tragic health problem in Sudan, causing 8 million infected patients annually. It accounts for approximately 21% of all diseases, seen at outpatient departments in our health facilities ranging from 20-40% admissions In terms of mortality, malaria accounts for 20% of all hospital deaths in the country with an estimated annual figure of 35,000 deaths We applaud the Drive Against Malaria initiative. our full support. We anticipate with hope the positive impact on health and development in Sudan. "
DAM & Minister of Public Health - CAR Central African Republic

Minister of Health of the Central African Republic, His Excellency Dr. Nalke Dorogo André, receives NGO Drive Against Malaria in Bangui - as part of the first national distribution of anti-malarial drugs. The distribution, worth 150 million CFAs, contains essential help for CAR for one of the country's greatest challenges. Namely the fight against malaria, the plague that kills 3,000 African children a day. In response to DAM's initiative, the Minister underlined the importance for the population and the fight against malaria. With the excellent relationship between the NGO and CAR, the population can benefit from support and recovery. "Good cooperation is essential," according to Dorogo, "with 15 medical missions on the horizon, the addition of 210 additional doctors, the rehabilitation of emergency services and the immediate start of training of medical personnel."
DAM & WHO - Dr. David Nabarro GENEVA

Dr. David Nabarro, World Health Organization First Project Manager for Malaria. Dr. Nabarro appointed Senior United Nations System Coordinator Headquarters New York for Ebola Virus Disease. Dr. Nabarro; "The World Health Organization enthusiastically noted the Drive Against Malaria initiative. I trust that the DAM Foundation will be able to create and galvanize the much-needed anti-malaria action in Africa and elsewhere by virtue of its long-term commitment. I believe DAM can help transform the landscape of global community action against malaria through educational approach that is central to its advocacy strategy The DAM project itself has a novel and appealing element that will help attract the attention needed to make this possible. Health Organization and in my personal capacity. "
DAM & British Ambassador for CONGO DRC

British Ambassador for the Democratic Republic of CONGO DRC, His Excellency Mr. Andrew James Sparkes - "We see a considerable expansion in the use of bed nets. For the first time, more nets were provided at public health facilities in north and south - Kivu in DRC than ever before. Extensive progress by Drive Against Malaria has been A record number of 760,000 long-lasting insecticidal nets were delivered to endemic Kivu, by Drive Against Malaria leaders Robertson and Samuel in cooperation with partners in Congo. "
DAM & British Ambassador for ANGOLA

British Ambassador for ANGOLA, His Excellency Mr. Ralph Martin Publicover - ¨Drive Against Malaria and partners distributed 27,000 bed nets and delivered essential medication and diagnostics to the most rural infected Malan areas in Angola. Malaria mortality rates decreased by an impressive 31% in this area. It also reveals a substantial reduction or malaria rates. This means that every year, fewer people get infected or carry infections - a sign that malaria interventions have an even greater impact than previously thought.
DAM & Minister of Forestry & Wildlife CAMEROON

Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency Paul Biya - Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Cameroon, His Excellency Mr. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle - The Minister endorses the cooperation with Drive Against Malaria in Cameroon. Minister Ngolle Ngolle: "I empower the value of Drive Against Malaria in the fight against malaria in many African countries and your activities in the 'Green Earth Project'. We are honored that you have chosen Cameroon as one of your permanent bases and I think We are very positive about the cooperation between Drive Against Malaria and encourage our Ministry for both scaling up malaria interventions and the need for protection of the environment by planting trees by DAM and our community Malaria and deforestation are closely linked "
DAM & Ambassador Kingdom or SAUDI ARABIA

Ambassador of the Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA, His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Bin Hussein Qattan - invites DAM at the Ambassador's private residence in the capital city Yaounde in Cameroon. ¨I feel honored to meet the founders of Drive Against Malaria and your encouraging efforts to fight malaria in extreme remote areas. The need for foundations to continue to fund social and third-sector activity is stressed. I underline this harmful effect that economic troubles have on the poorest members of our societies, but I raise the encouraging fact that when need increases during a recession, and so does giving. Malaria is still responsible for over 430,000 child deaths in Africa every year. Emerging drug and insect resistance continues to pose a major threat and if left unaddressed, it could trigger a growth of unnecessary deaths. Therefore, instead of cutting social funding, the onus should use spending more efficiently, creating strategic partnerships, and reducing non-developmental spending. "I am amazed by the efficiency in finance and effect of Drive Against Malaria missions in Africa," Ambassador Mahymoud said.
DAM & Minister of Public Health NAMIBIA

Minister of Public Health NAMIBIA, His Excellency Dr. Richard Nchabi Kamwi, Head of Elimination 8 - (for 8 African countries) - I am very grateful to meet Drive Against Malaria who contributed to the malaria reduction in several areas of our country. With the support of DAM we could reduce malaria in the Kunene region with 98%. This provides convincing evidence that our target for malaria has been in this region. This is hopeful news. Over the past years, after control measures for malaria, no mortalities have been reported. Each live saved is a reason to celebrate. This success tells us that the delivery of core interventions bring results. Coverage of insecticide treated nets, education, rapid diagnostic tests and ACTs for treatment have dramatically increased. In Namibia the proportion of children sleeping under a treated net jumped from less than 2% in 2000 to an estimated 68% now. Malaria has been tamed, but by no means defeated. For a disease like malaria, you can never reduce attention, especially in hard to reach border crossing regions, where Drive Against Malaria has its activities. "
DAM & President of the Republique Center Afrique - CAR

President and Head of State of the Republique Center Afrique (CAR) - His Excellency François Yangouvonda Bozizé - - "I experienced first-hand how important the work of Drive Against Malaria is in my country. I am deeply impressed the way they work, their efficiency and professionalism in the field I have been appointed DAM as my, and my families, personal carers in the field All people in the Central African Republic will benefit from Drive Against Malaria's health efforts that strengthen our health systems Their dedication to help us strengthen the disease surveillance and roll-out of new tools and approaches Recent progress by DAM in reducing the human suffering caused by malaria has shown me, with adequate efforts and the right mix of strategies, they indeed make remarkable stride against this complicated enemy "We should act with urgency to create a country in which no one is dying of malaria, a world entirely clear of this killer," Bozize said.
DAM & Minister for Foreign Affairs - THE NETHERLANDS

Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands - His Excellency Mr Albert Gerard Bert KOENDERS - "We are proud that the Dutch NGO Against Against Malaria is a key partner during the early stages of malaria control in north and south - Kivu CONGO DRC, in cooperation with national health partners, and I am impressed with the outcome of this collaborative process, says Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Bert Koenders, About 700,000 people were reached with bed nets and vaccinations We warmly welcome the additional contributions already pledged by Canada , Japan and the United Kingdom and are pleased to announce that The Netherlands is also arranging a financial contribution. "
DAM & The First Lady - ZAMBIA

First Lady of Zambia - Dr. Maureen Mwanawasa - wife of President Levy Mwanawasa - First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa invited Drive Against Malaria to the Presidential Palace in the capital city of Lusaka or Zambia. The First Lady has called for concerted efforts among Zambians, if the fight against malaria, which has so far claimed millions of lives in Africa, has won to be. Mrs. Mwanawasa discussed with DAM, the fight against malaria should not be left to the government alone but everyone should be involved and commended the donors for the support currently being offered to eradicate the disease. Drive Against Malaria plays an important example role for the Zambian people, to encourage malaria eradication in the country. "We cannot ignore malaria, the teaching of Drive Against Malaria is critical. The message is very important in preventing new infections. It brings hope to people," Zambia First Lady said. "It must continue."
DAM & PMI - WHO - Minister of Health - ANGOLA

PMI / USA President Malaria Initiative - WHO - Minister of Health - ANGOLA - "We are delighted to receive David Robertson and the Drive Against Malaria in Angola. The NGO has played a significant role in the fight against this deadly disease. DAM has contributed so much to malaria We would like to thank David Robertson on malaria and the neglected tropical diseases for his mission in our region and in the south region We are here today in this meeting to celebrate the taming of an ancient disease that, over centuries, killed untold thousands of children In the last decades, malaria was disastrous, killing more tan 10,000 each year, mostly young children Today, global malaria control ranks as one of the great public health success stories since the start of this century. show a 37% decline in malaria incidence and a 60% decline in malaria mortality rates worldwide since 2006. "
DAM & Vice President or ZAMBIA

Vice President of Zambia, His Excellency Dr. Lupando Augustine Festus Katoloshi Mwape - I praise the perseverance of Drive Against Malaria in Africa. Malaria effects more than 4 million Zambians annually, accounting for approximately 30% patients and almost 8,000 deaths each year. Under 5-year-old and pregnant women are the most vulnerable, especially those in more remote and impoverished areas, with 35-50% or under-5 mortality and 20% or maternal attributable to malaria. The disease is sending many Zambians to their graves. The shortage of malaria interventions now reached its peak and has resulted in many deaths which could otherwise be avoided. "I am very grateful to receive Drive Against Malaria in our country for an urgent wake-up call," Vice President Mwape said.
DAM & Ambassador of The Netherlands in CAMEROON

Ambassador Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands in Cameroon - His Excellency Drs. Norbert Braakhuis - "Malaria has a devastating impact in basic health service delivery in the most severely affected regions in Cameroon, including the ability to control malaria. We are extremely proud and dedicated to assist Drive Against Malaria and working closely together to prevent a worsening of the malaria situation and reduce the pool of mortality cases We applaud the effort and impact Drive Against Malaria has made in the past years in extreme remote and almost inaccessible areas and to manage to gain successes despite instability in several areas We are urging a major rethink about the importance of strengthening health systems and building resilience, "Ambassador Braakhuis said.
DAM & Rt. Hon. Secretary of State International Development - UNITED KINGDOM

Right Honorable UK Secretary of State for International Development, Ms. Clare Short - and Trustee of Africa Humanitarian action. "David Robertson you are changing people's lives in Africa. My son used to ride a motorbike. I was always terrified of motorbikes. I am impressed by your efforts and I am amazed at your ability to fight back after your tragic accident. I feel it as my duty to reduce tropical diseases, and malaria is the most spread disease in Africa I wish you every success to achieve your goals More humanitarian aid for Africa can reach those in need The UK and other countries are devoted to send adequate malaria aid and equipment for malaria endemic countries, but did not produce adequate funding for the African Union monitoring mission that if better resourced and supported, might have prevented the deterioration that has tasks place in the continent. Similarly, disease and malnutrition are killing 1.5 million people every year, which is a consequence of the collapse of state health capaci ty that has cost the lives of 10 million people in a decade. This is the largest loss of life as a consequence of a single disease. I applaud your determination to highlight the burden of malaria, around the world. ""
DAM & Manchester United Football Legend - UNITED KINGDOM

Manchester United Football Legend - World Cup Winning Hero - Sir Robert 'Bobby' Charlton - - "I am very grateful to meet you here in Gabarone. What you do is the greatest thing you can achieve in their lives. Malaria is here, in front or you can fight it Good luck in your record braking Drive Against Malaria You know what to do, and I know this is a great effort that is needed We face the disease here in Botswana and also in other countries in sub -Saharan Africa, malaria's heartland. "

Admiral Sir Jock Slater - Appointed First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff - Royal Navy United Kingdom - speech appointed to David Robertson on board of the HMS Fearless: " Your courage is admirable. Africa is under severe pressure. I understand it takes a long time to build your special adapted off-road car, to prepare it for long journeys in the continent To fight malaria is your top priority It simply must be, as too many are suffering Young children, particularly in the most remote corners of Africa are losing their lives I am in complete agreement with your statement you made during our lunch today I have always said that if we want to take action what we say we would do, we are determined to do so. go to where the enemy is The biggest enemy in Africa is malaria Soon you will leave this ship and must concentrate on an uncertain journey that goes beyond our imagination That needs flexibility and courage A journey that needs a versatile man at the steer ing wheel. You are going to be under enormous strain as you go forward. I wish you all the strength with every next mile you make. "

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