Drive Against Malaria Foundation helps the poorest population groups in the most remote areas of the African countries Cameroon, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Angola, Namibia, DRC, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We need our help. Millions of children living in isolated regions are at high risk of dying due to malaria complications. We arrange transport aircraft, containers and auxiliary convoys and we provide more than 20,000 nets, 17,000 life-saving treatments and we take care of more than 150,000 people. We set up aid stations, help with education and training for local residents.

Drive Against Malaria has set up projects in hard-to-reach areas where people live in miserable living conditions. Without malaria protection, combined with poor and poor health, the poorest sections of the population are completely left to their own devices.


Malaria spreads rapidly if no action is taken. The poorest people in isolated regions are particularly cruelly hit. Without treatment with effective medication, malaria leads to the loss of vital functions of all organs, followed by coma and ultimately death.  While malaria can be prevented and cured!

In the remote regions, malaria claims so many victims that many villages are completely extinct after an outbreak of an epidemic. Lack of medication and testing remains the main cause of recurrent malaria outbreaks. DAM provides malaria protection, health care and self-reliance for people in need. We provide medical training and education so that the local population can help themselves.

For 30 years we have been working according to the 'ZERO overhead principle'. That means: no expensive offices and no bonuses. We spend every donation directly on our goal in Africa.

We build aid stations where women and children are helped by local care providers. We will continue to provide the aid stations with high-quality medicines and diagnostics. Drive Against Malaria has an incomparable position in these hard-to-reach, remote and isolated areas where malaria is extremely high. We provide support to the population where no other organizations are active.

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