Cameroon 2020 Mission - Malaria relief and filming starts on "David".

David Robertson lands in Doula with filmmaker Chris Avildsen in tow to begin shooting the documentary 'David". First, they will head to Limbe on the West coast and visit several of the schools where DAM introduced the successful Malaria Educational Plan. From there, they pick up the Land Rover in Idenau and head back to Doula to get provisions for the month-long mission ending with the Pygmy villages in Lomie. 

This reunion will reunite David and Chris, who first met thirty years ago in Times Square. Two weeks later, in Times Square, David's name was up in lights, and Land Rover had become his first sponsor. Chris worked closely with David to organize and launch The Drive Against Malaria, and now after more than 20 years, is making the movie of David's life.



A deeply personal story of the human spirit, of triumph over tragedy and the will to make a difference, David will touch your heart. At 18, David Robertson was in a hit-and-run accident on his motorcycle. He was left to die at night on the side of the road. In a coma, for two weeks, he awoke to find his left arm and leg were gone. How did he end up spending 30 years of his life-fighting Malaria in Africa?

We join David in his Land Rover on his mission to the pygmy villages of Cameroon, Africa. In an intimate conversation, David tells us of his darkest day and toughest challenges. How and why he has traveled the hard road to remote villages to protect the most vulnerable children. There were no rescue teams to help if disaster struck. David will relive these moments with us looking at the 30 years of photography and video footage he took along the way. We meet David's partner at home and in the field, Dr.Julia Samuels, and join her as she administers medicines, creates strategic initiatives, and works with corporate sponsors. We discover how they manage on a day to day basis to do this incredibly challenging mission and make The Drive Against Malaria work.

The film will feature the Tour De France organized cycle rallies, held this year in 3 cities in Europe, sponsored by Land Rover dealers in support of DAM 's Malaria Challenge this year. Winners of the famous race will cycle with David and rally participants. Traveling with David and watching him touch people's lives is at the heart of this film. Thirty years into his dream project, the charismatic 6'4' tall, blue-eyed, and energetic David is more hopeful than ever. We experience first hand and see the tremendous difference one person with a dream can make.

The World Health Organization's Roll Back Malaria (RBM) campaign was created shortly after the Drive Against Malaria campaign. They recognize David's efforts and have honored him accordingly.

" David helps others voluntarily and helps save the lives of thousands of people in Africa who suffer from Malaria. It is clear that he is an important person in the fight against Malaria, and this honor also makes it clear how many people have benefited from his work. David took the initiative in 1988 to help African communities. He has identified the need and started the global malaria campaign from the ground. This honor makes it clear that David is the driving force behind the fight against Malaria".


David Nabarro special envoy and advisor to the UN, stated in 1997.....

"In ten years, we are going to see the halving in the number of people who die as the result of the malaria parasite. This will be a result of an enormous global movement from lots of organizations' work together in partnership, and it's a result of you, David, and the Drive Against Malaria. You will transform the landscape of community action against Malaria."

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