Flooding in Angola

(ANGOLA: Cunene / Kuando Kubango) → Exceptional floods have flooded dozens of settlements in South Angola, the provinces of Cunene and Kuando Kubango and the border with Namibia, where an untold number of houses have been severely damaged. It is only recently that the area was hit by a cholera and malaria outbreak. And now the floods that followed.

The residents are completely unprotected and therefore unprotected. Among them are countless children who suffer from malaria. The danger of the disease increases after the flood because many homeless people are forced to live in sheltered huts without protection. Malaria can quickly spread around in circumstances such as these.

More than half of those affected are children. In this ravaged area of ​​Angola we provide life-saving assistance to the children who are infected with malaria. They are not yet five years old. Malaria is lurking especially in flooded areas. Without help, more children will fall ill. And the water is of course an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. The situation is particularly worrying.


More than 8,000 people are in acute need and live in unprotected shelters. Twelve children are missing. During this emergency mission, our team immediately responded to the acute need for help to do everything necessary for the patients. With the distribution of hundreds of protective nets and access to medical care for 1,300 Angolan children under the age of five, who would otherwise have remained without it.


The residents ask us to help set up an emergency aid post in a higher-lying safe area with emergency supplies such as medicines and protective nets that they are prepared to meet future needs. In view of the high disease rate, DAM is also setting up an important aid unit for the care of the victims. The gratitude and relief of the mothers is overwhelming!

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