Drive Against Malaria provides free life-saving anti-malaria drugs and bed nets to the poorest children and families in Africa. Malaria affects one million children every year and more than 260,000 children in Africa under five die from the disease.


Medications are often not available in the isolated areas of Africa and - if there are any - unaffordable for the poorest. Such as Basita and Leon, parents with two children with the most aggressive form of malaria, Plasmodium Falciparum. The children would die if they did not receive the correct medication on time. In exceptional cases, medicines are available, but not affordable for Basita and Leon and countless other poor families. Local hospitals charge € 15.24 per child for treatment. The poorest of the poor in Africa cannot afford that.

Fake drugs threaten Children's lives

Drive Against Malaria ensures that Basita and Leon, like thousands of other patients, receive free life-saving medicines. In this way we also prevent desperate parents from resorting to cheap but dangerous fake medicines.
Tens of thousands of children in Africa die each year from fake specimens. The one-year-old daughter of Ettah also almost died when her desperate mother gave her fake medication.


First, Ettah walked for hours to a village with a national aid center. The nurse prescribed a malaria treatment, but Ettah had no money to buy the necessary medicines. "It was too expensive in the help center. I could only buy medicines on the market because they are cheaper, "she says. The fake drugs made her daughter sick in a matter of days. Fortunately, thanks to Drive Against Malaria, she received real medication, so she recovered quickly.


Aid stations

Drive Against Malaria has been committed to helping the poorest children and families for more than thirty years. We set up mobile projects in remote areas. With our teams we move from village to village where we provide impregnated bed nets and essential medicines for free. We then set up fixed aid stations together with the local population, which can permanently provide the required medical support.


We ensure that high-quality medicines are always in stock and that the costs do not hinder patients. In this way we also prevent malaria infection of children in particular by infected patients. With this approach we reach thousands of the poorest people and we save countless malaria patients - children and adults! «

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