Mucubal gets help


(ANGOLA: Namibe, Cunene) → In remote areas along the slopes of the Serra da Chela after entering the Namib desert that comes very close to Chiange, we provide help to one of the most special people, the Mucubal tribes . Angola is the home of these fascinating - and beautiful people - on our planet. More than 100 kilometers north with the border with Namibia, we catch the first glimpse of this special tribe with their unusual life and traditions. Even after the civil war that ended more than 15 years ago, little is known about them.

But in Chibia on the central plain of Lubango we met the Mucubal tribe in large numbers. The Mucubal are a sub-group of the Herero, most of whom live in Namibia and speak the Nilotic language similar to Maasai - no surprise because they are descendants of Maasai explorers. Most of them spend their time looking after their cattle and planting sweet sorghum maize, with the women doing the transplanting.


Drive Against Malaria is one of the few humanitarian organizations that fight malaria in this impassable area

Access to protective mosquito nets and medicines is the core of a healthy population for the entire tribe. DAM provides a lasting malaria-free result for the Mucubal children and future generations. The population loses at least 1 child per family due to malaria. This is an alarming conclusion.


Health problems related to malaria cost many children's lives per year

During our mission, 1,964 people reach this area. One of the poorest people in the country. We meet Makonja. Her family are small cattle farmers. She has just enough to feed the family. "We often have less than one meal a day." And when my children are sick, they are too weak to survive the disease. "" Fortunately, Makonja is also supported by DAM.

Every mission is prepared intensively

DAM handles the distribution of more than 2,000 malaria treatments and 400 insecticide-treated mosquito nets. Delivering help over hundreds of kilometers comes with its challenges. Complex supply chains, challenging road conditions and remote locations are fortunately not an obstacle to our efforts. Through good cooperation with local partners and a solid logistics plan, we overcome every obstacle.

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